Getkey's blog Interesting stuff, computer related or not 2019-01-20T14:39:47.071Z Up2, a NanoStation game 5c448833 2019-01-20T14:39:47.071Z <p>A while ago, I received an odd little piece of hardware in the mail.</p> <p><img src="IMG_20170305_154054.jpg" alt="NanoStation"/></p> Getkey Hiding properties in JS… for real 5a2d5830 2017-12-10T15:52:16.556Z <p>Sometimes, you want to hide the property of an object<sup id="a1">1</sup>. Probably you are a library author and you are afraid that:</p> <ul> <li>your users will see it and attempt to use it</li> <li>your users will try to enumerate over it although it might not make sense</li> </ul> <p>So here is what you do:</p> Getkey WundrBar review 58c71a1c 2017-03-13T22:15:56.000Z <p>WundrBars were created to provide the same things as their powder counterpart, in a more convenient format.</p> <p>Before you read this article, you should know that Queal contacted me to ask me if I wanted to review the WundrBars. Because I’m interested in trying out soylent-likes, I gladly accepted, and they sent me some (thanks Laurens!). I’ll try not to be biased though.</p> Getkey Jake review 589a452c 2017-02-07T22:07:40.000Z <p>Jake is a Soylent-like manufactured in the Netherlands (like many of them it seems!).<br/>It’s the first one I bought because unlike most of their competitors you can order only one meal, which is perfect to try it out.</p> <h2 id="shipping">Shipping</h2> <p>It took about a month to arrive. At some point, after waiting a few weeks, I was so eager to try a Soylent-like that I ordered some from a competitor, and it actually arrived before.</p> Getkey WebRTC: the future of web games 5862b0cf 2016-12-27T18:19:59.000Z <p>At some point in JumpSuit‘s development I realized it was impossible to create the game we envisioned: WebSockets are just too slow, because they sit on top of TCP.</p> <p>While it is possible to write moderately fast-paced games with them, such as the enormously successful and, if you need low-latency, WebSockets won’t cut it.</p> Getkey Queal 5839f763 2016-11-26T20:58:11.000Z <p>Soylent is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I only got around to it recently (mostly because I don’t live with my parents anymore).</p> <p>Basically, it’s a powder you blend with water. And BAM, here is your meal.</p> Getkey Hoisting in JavaScript 5734cb21 2016-05-12T18:27:45.000Z <p>This behavior can surprise beginners to JavaScript, and also, I admit, people like me who learned JavaScript by doing.<br/>So what is hoisting about? Concisely put, it means that every variable declared in a scope is actually declared when entering the scope, <strong>no matter where</strong> you choose to put the declaration.</p> <p>In the following examples I’m going to create a function to define a scope, but this can be applied to every scope, the global scope, a scope you define with <code>{</code> and <code>}</code>, etc.</p> Getkey SMS Watchdog 56d895c9 2016-03-03T19:51:37.000Z <p>My mobile carrier offers access to an API that can send SMS to its users. With systemd’s timers, I have been able to make a script that warns me when the load on my server is too high!<br/>Basically, timers work by stating a service repeatedly; which in turn starts a script in this case.<br/>This shell script is responsible for checking the load and sending a SMS. Of course, you can have it send you a mail too. Or tweet it, or whatever - sky’s the limit.</p> <h2 id="the-script">The script</h2> <p>This shell script is in charge of checking the load average and sending a SMS if it’s too high.</p> Getkey Mon projet d’ISN : Mario Kombat 56085e53 2015-09-27T21:23:31.000Z <p>Lors de ma dernière année de lycée, dans le cadre de l’option ISN, j’ai réalisé en groupe un projet sur lequel nous avons été notés au Bac (j’ai eu 20/20). À la fin de l’année nous devons rendre un dossier papier, que voici. Je le poste ici car il y a des choses intéressantes dans ce projet (les trucs sur la reliabilité), et de plus il peut sans doute aider les futurs lycéens à s’en inspirer pour structurer leur dossier.</p> <p>Par rapport au projet d’ISN, voilà les conseils que je peux donner:</p> Getkey A virtual webcam 55106b9f 2015-03-23T19:38:07.000Z <p>There are a lot of fun things you can do with Linux. What I propose you today is to stream an arbitrary video as if it were your webcam and microphone output.</p> <details> <summary>See original (before 2018-06-18)</summary> <h2 id="some-sort-of-disclaimer">Some sort of disclaimer</h2> <p><del>Okay, so the draft of this blog post has been sitting on my hard drive for months now, and if I don’t post it yet, I’ll never post it. The reason I didn’t is because it is incomplete, as there’s a tiny something I don’t understand. I lost interest in this so I won’t look for the solution myself, but if you find it you’re welcome to share it with me! Anyway, let’s see this.</del> </p> Getkey Privilege escalation with setuid 541346dd 2014-09-12T19:17:49.000Z <h2 id="what-are-setuid-and-setgid-">What are setuid and setgid?</h2> <p>When applied on executable (and shell scripts if it’s not disabled), setuid is a mechanism in UNIX systems to allow an user to execute a program with the owner’s permissions. Setguid is the same principle, but we get the group permission instead of the user’s.<br/>If you want too know more about it or setgid (that we won’t use), read the Wikipedia article.</p> <p>In this article we will create a C program we will run as a normal user, and thanks to setuid it will spawn for us a shell (as root!).</p> Getkey Hyphens in UNIX’s filenames 53e4d7e0 2014-08-08T14:00:00.000Z <p>Today I discovered an interesting UNIX design flaw. UNIX deals badly with files starting with <code>-</code>. Let’s mess around!</p> <p>Warning: do like me, create a new directory and <code>cd</code> into it.</p> Getkey