Il n’y a rien de plus beau qu’une placide montagne Qui se laisse gravir et soumet son sommet Aux assauts dérisoires d’une puce excitée L’alpiniste fougueux croit pouvoir la dompter

La semaine dernière pendant l’apéro Je contais à mes potes à peu près en ces termes La rencontre étonnante que je fis le matin: « J’étais sur la place, c’est jour de marché

Pourquoi l’amour est rose: La violence du rouge Adoucie dans le blanc

Le parapluie protège de la pluie Mais la capuche le fait aussi Le parapluie occupe une main De ceux qui peuvent les avoir libres

Je me suis assoupi dans le lit d’une rivière J’ai laissé le courant me porter doucement Les lauriers en passant me drapaient de leurs feuilles Je me suis endormi à trop faire la planche

Je couche sur papier les ïambes Les fait sortir pied par pied Puis vers par vers avec méthode Parfaitement placées de sorte

Si tu me coupes la parole C’est pour pas qu’j’use ma salive Si tu me grilles la prio C’est parce que, derrière toi

Quelle bizarre petite montagne de terre Dressée dans mon calme gazon, lissement dénudée Les taupes de fer s’en furent, jamais ne revinrent Alors tu te trouves sans sœur, tu souffres d’ennui

À chaque fois c’est la même chose T’outrage ton entourage Ensuite plaide être gauche Sincère, tu l’es sans un doute

Je t’invite à midi, tu te pointes à treize heures Déjeunons samedi, sur le coup de onze heures

Nouvelle tentative Mes doigts crispés composent La peur me prend au ventre La musique d’ascenseur

Le dentiste est payant Soixante-dix pourcents sont remboursés Si je n’ai rien les trente sont gâchés Je n’ai rien, que mes dents

Lors de la fête du roi, s’empanache l’entière rue Chaque maison de l’endroit, de orange vêtue Chaque ? Non, pas celle d’Eefke Elle, la plus patriote de son voisinage, honore sa terre

Up2, a NanoStation game

A while ago, I received an odd little piece of hardware in the mail. It was a birthday present from my friend Florian, the NanoStation. Along with it was a letter. Florian challenged me to make a game for it. I knew that the hardware was very limited and I wanted to see how much I could push it. So, I decided to make a platformer – …okay, the truth is, it was actually because I love platformers!

Hiding properties in JS... for real

Sometimes, you want to hide the property of an object1. Probably you are a library author and you are afraid that: your users will see it and attempt to use it your users will try to enumerate over it although it might not make sense So here is what you do: const protectedObj = Object.defineProperty({}, 'foo', { enumerable: false, configurable: false, writable: false, value: 'hi there' }); console.log(; // 'hi there' console.

WundrBar review

WundrBars were created to provide the same things as their powder counterpart, in a more convenient format. Before you read this article, you should know that Queal contacted me to ask me if I wanted to review the WundrBars. Because I’m interested in trying out soylent-likes, I gladly accepted, and they sent me some (thanks Laurens!). I’ll try not to be biased though. Shipping and packaging Less than a week. Very fast!

Jake review

Jake is a Soylent-like manufactured in the Netherlands (like many of them it seems!). It’s the first one I bought because unlike most of their competitors you can order only one meal, which is perfect to try it out. Shipping It took about a month to arrive. At some point, after waiting a few weeks, I was so eager to try a Soylent-like that I ordered some from a competitor, and it actually arrived before.

WebRTC: the future of web games

At some point in JumpSuit’s development I realized it was impossible to create the game we envisioned: WebSockets are just too slow, because they sit on top of TCP. While it is possible to write moderately fast-paced games with them, such as the enormously successful and, if you need low-latency, WebSockets won’t cut it. So I started looking for alternatives. WebRTC is currently the only way a browser can exchange with the outside world in UDP-like fashion – disregarding Flash.


Soylent is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I only got around to it recently (mostly because I don’t live with my parents anymore). Basically, it’s a powder you blend with water. And BAM, here is your meal. Unfortunately, Soylent is not available in Europe. However, there are plenty of alternatives! In this series of blog posts, I will try as many as possible - well, not the shady or expensive ones.

Hoisting in JavaScript

This behavior can surprise beginners to JavaScript, and also, I admit, people like me who learned JavaScript by doing. So what is hoisting about? Concisely put, it means that every variable declared in a scope is actually declared when entering the scope, no matter where you choose to put the declaration. In the following examples I’m going to create a function to define a scope, but this can be applied to every scope, the global scope, a scope you define with { and }, etc.

SMS Watchdog

My mobile carrier offers access to an API that can send SMS to its users. With systemd’s timers, I have been able to make a script that warns me when the load on my server is too high! Basically, timers work by stating a service repeatedly; which in turn starts a script in this case. This shell script is responsible for checking the load and sending a SMS. Of course, you can have it send you a mail too.

Mon projet d'ISN : Mario Kombat

Lors de ma dernière année de lycée, dans le cadre de l’option ISN, j’ai réalisé en groupe un projet sur lequel nous avons été notés au Bac (j’ai eu 20/20). À la fin de l’année nous devons rendre un dossier papier, que voici. Je le poste ici car il y a des choses intéressantes dans ce projet (les trucs sur la reliabilité), et de plus il peut sans doute aider les futurs lycéens à s’en inspirer pour structurer leur dossier.

A virtual webcam

There are a lot of fun things you can do with Linux. What I propose you today is to stream an arbitrary video as if it were your webcam and microphone output. I’d like to thank Osqui LittleRiver who nicely sent me a mail with the last missing piece of this little experiment! Setup a virtual webcam First, install v4l2loopback. It’s a kernel module for Linux we will use to create a virtual webcam.

Privilege escalation with setuid

What are setuid and setgid? When applied on executable (and shell scripts if it’s not disabled), setuid is a mechanism in UNIX systems to allow an user to execute a program with the owner’s permissions. Setguid is the same principle, but we get the group permission instead of the user’s. If you want too know more about it or setgid (that we won’t use), read the Wikipedia article. In this article we will create a C program we will run as a normal user, and thanks to setuid it will spawn for us a shell (as root!

Hyphens in UNIX filenames

Today I discovered an interesting UNIX design flaw. UNIX deals badly with files starting with -. Let’s mess around! Warning: do like me, create a new directory and cd into it. $ mkdir tests && cd tests $ touch -r touch: usage: touch [-alm] [-t time_t] <file> Okay, so I can’t create a file starting with a -, because touch thinks it’s an argument. There are several ways around to create this file: