About this website

This is my personal website, which is a very old project of mine (one of my oldest actually). It already went through 2 refactors!
I started it in high school. I had a lot of fun experimenting with web technologies with it at the time and that's how I got into web development.

This website has been self-hosted on an ARM board running Debian for a really long time (january 2014 - 17th October 2016).
Eventually I used a professional hosting solution (still on Debian) because my home's power would go out from time to time, which would crash the server.
But at some point I got tired of managing my own server, so it spent a weekend to make it static. On July 17 2019 I moved it to Gitlab Pages where it is now.

You can find the source code that powers thit site in this repository (it was made with lots of ❤!).

About me

My name is Julien Mourer. I'm a:

You can contact me at: getkey[at ) getkey [ dot) eu.


Everything on my blog is under the CC BY 4.0 unless stated otherwise.